Illawarra Group

ANOS Illawarra is dedicated to the growing, conservation and scientific study of Australasian Native Orchids. We holds monthly meetings, runs orchid shows and has regular field trips. We are a friendly native orchid society and welcome visitors to our meetings and outings.



ANOS Illawarra meets at the Old Wollongong Courthouse located on the corner of Harbour Street and Cliff Road Wollongong. Our monthly meetings occur the 2nd Tuesday of every month commencing at 7.00pm



  • Postal address - Hon. Secretary - 2 Wilford Street Corrimal NSW 2518
  • President - Alan Stephenson Phone 4421 7773
  • Email Contaction - Alan Stephenson -

Club Events  2014


  • Spring Show Fri 12th September  (Set up) and open to the public, Saturday 13th and Sunday 14th September 2014 from 9.00am to 4.00pm. Held at the Old Court House. Entry Free. Sales table and potting service available.
  • Sarc Show - ANOS Illawarra Sarcanthinae Show, 18-19th October 2014. Held at the Old Court House Wollongong, Cliff Road North Wollongong. Open from 9.00am to 4.00pm each day. Entry is free with sales table and potting service. (Set up on Friday 17th October)

Field  Trips

  • Spring Field Trip Sunday 26th October, South Pacific Heathland Reserve, Dowling Street Ulludulla (Enquiries - Alan Stevenson - (02) 4421 7773)